2011 ADVAN Neova Cup

In May 2011, we sent an open invitation to all Australian track day enthusiasts to crack the fastest lap time they could in a street legal car on a set of ADVAN Neova AD08's.  

This is where the ADVAN Neova Cup began.

Wakefield Park, New South Wales

Driver Vehicle Best Time Class
Brandon Lockwood Honda Integra  1:05:73 FWD
Ovidiu Zaberca Mitsubishi EVO 8  1:06:18 4WD Turbo Open
James Hodge Lamborghini Gallardo  1:08:29 NA
John Healey Subaru WRX  1:10:23 4WD Turbo <250kw
Anthony Loh Mitsubishi EVO 9  1:10:33 4WD Turbo <250kw
Gerry Kolaitis Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 TME  1:11:43 4WD Turbo Open
Daniel Leong Honda S2000  1:11:78 NA <2L
Winry Pongphachansay Honda Civic EP3  1:13:22 FWD
Terry Swan Nissan R32 GTR  1:13:32 4WD Turbo Open
Steve Reed Mazda 3 MPS  1:13:39 FWD
Sean Ryan Mazda RX8  1:13:57 NA <2L
Justin Fox VW Golf GTI TSI  1:13:75 FWD
Anthony Dang Honda S2000  1:13:95 NA <2L
Narada Honda S2000  1:14:75 NA <2L
Robert Green Subaru WRX  1:15:82 4WD Turbo <250kw
Mark Boxer Mazada MX5  1:16:34 NA <2L
Christian T Hansen VW Jetta FSI  1:22:06 NA <2L

Eastern Creek, New South Wales

Driver Vehicle Best Time Class
Ovidiu Zaberca Mitsubishi Evo 8  1:43:01 4WD Turbo Open
Jason ”BADASS” Naidoo Mitsubishi Evo 8  1:43:04 4WD Turbo Open
Shane Standley Toyota Supra  1:46:1* RWD Turbo
Robert Green Subaru WRX  2:15:9  4WD Turbo <250kw
Sean Ryan Mazda RX8  2:16:3  NA <2L
Anthony Loh Mitsubishi Evo IX  2:34:1  4WD Turbo <250kw
Eric Kroegel Nissan S13 Silvia  2:54:4  RWD Turbo

Winton Raceway, Victoria 2.03km Clubman Layout

Driver Vehicle Best Time Class
Adam Newton BMW 135i  1:39:28 RWD Turbo
John Richardson Skyline R33 GTST  1:39:40 RWD Turbo
John Alexandru Olasau Nissan Skyline GT-R R32  1:41:98 4WD Turbo <250kw
John Packham Nissan 200sx S14  1:43:47 RWD Turbo
Daniel Groszek Renault Clio Sport  1:45:06 NA <2L

Queensland Raceway, Queensland 1.93km Sprint Layout

Driver Vehicle Best Time Class
Steve Reed Mazada 3 MPS  1:02:02 FWD
Jack Cuu Nissan s15  1:02:06 RWD Turbo
Heath Russell Mazda 3 MPS  1:02:76 FWD

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