Orange Oil Tyres

Orange oil tyre technology is an important feature in almost all newly developed Yokohama tyres.

ADVAN Neova AD08R Orange Oil Tyres

The latest tyre to benefit from Orange Oil technology is the dual duty road and race tyre the ADVAN Neova AD08R. Being one of Yokohama's flagship high performance tyres the manufacturer Yokohama Japan decided to keep the tread pattern the same but upgrade the tyres specification to benefit from the extra grip provided by the orange oil technology to make the tyre perform faster lap times.

We now know that Orange Oil technology makes for good race tyres and high performance tyres and it also makes for good eco-friendly tyres for everyday driving.

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Orange oil provides grip.
Orange oil technology helps solve the grip problem present in low rolling resistance eco tyres. It allows motorists to save money by using less fuel without compromising grip for safe and confident driving.

Typically, orange oil is used in detergents and perfumes. The oil doesn't come from the sweet, sticky part of the fruit. It comes from the orange peel. It’s quite acidic and when it touches rubber it softens it.

Orange oil keeps the rubber tyre compound soft and flexible at a micro level so it grips the road. More importantly it works in cold and wet conditions when rubber normally hardens and loses grip.

Yokohama's 6 orange oil tyres.
1. The new BluEarth (AE01) car tyre for fuel efficient driving (On sale 1st March 2012).
2. The C.drive2 (AC02) car tyre for extra safety on wet roads.
3. The soon to be ADVAN Sport V105, new in 2014.
4.  The ADVAN Neova AD08R dual duty street and race tyre
5. The ADVAN A048 race tyre used in the national V8 Ute Racing Series.
6. The Geolandar SUV (G055) which is a long lasting tyre for urban 4x4s and SUVs.

In the past, rubber compounding for tyres was a simple process. Soft compound tyres gripped the road well but they wore out in a short time. Hard compound tyres lacked grip but they lasted a long time. Thanks to advances in tyre technology hard and soft compounds are now a thing of the past.

Low rolling resistance "eco tyres" have stiffer build constructions and hard rubber compounds to achieve low rolling resistance and fuel savings. Unfortunately there is an inverse relationship between low rolling resistance and wet grip performance. You can have one or the other.

Relationship between low rolling resistance tyres and wet grip

However, the Yokohama Rubber company helped solve this problem with their own patented orange oil technology. The Yokohama eco tyre range has low rolling resistance and good grip in wet conditions.

Current tyre compounding technology is a very complicated science. Yokohama’s low rolling resistance "eco tyre" range uses a technological innovation called a nano-blend rubber compound. It contains high quality fine-particle silica and orange oil. The rubber is precision blended with other ingredients to get the polymers just right so it provides three previously conflicting performance criteria: low rolling resistance for fuel saving, long mileage capability and excellent wet grip.

Yokohama nano blend tyre rubber compound vs standard rubberThe standard rubber does not adhere as well to the gaps in the road surface. 

The reason the rubber compound is called a nano-blend is because it operates at an extremely small scale. The rubber compound engineers are interested in how the tyre rubber conforms with the small stones and textures on the road surface.

The contact that each tyre makes with the road is only about the size of the sole of a man’s shoe. So the flexibility and performance of the rubber compound is important so that each tyre can grab as much surface area as possible within the tyre contact patch to generate grip.

Yokohama low rolling resistance tyres with orange oil technology.
Fuel oil is a dwindling non-renewable resource that is getting more and more expensive. Car buyers are demanding more fuel efficient vehicles to reduce the cost of motoring. While car manufactures are making smaller, more efficient engines, tyre manufactures are making low rolling resistance tyres. 

Low rolling resistance tyres make a car roll along the road easier. So the car requires less power to drive along. If it uses less power it burns less fuel. This saves drivers money and creates fewer exhaust emissions which is kinder to the environment. That's why low rolling resistance tyres are considered "eco friendly". They're also known as "eco tyres".

Tyre low rolling resistance test

Low rolling resistance tyres can be demonstrated easily by rolling a car down a ramp and measuring how far it rolls across a flat surface. The further the car rolls the lower the rolling resistance it's tyres have.

Yokohama nano-blend orange oil rubber compound has allowed Yokohama to create a range of low rolling resistance tyres for everyday motorists.

The Yokohama BluEarth (AE01) is a high technology, light weight, aerodynamic "eco tyre". It is fuel efficient for everyday driving and has an affordable price. Compared with the conventional tyre the BluEarth (AE01) "eco tyre" can take you 8 to 10% further on a tank of fuel. Normally eco tyres are more expensive than conventional tyres. That's not the case here. The BluEarth is in fact cheaper than the it replaces.

The Yokohama C.drive2 (AC02) tyre is a step up in performance from the BluEarth. It has excellent wet grip and handling characteristics which make it extra safe.

The Geolandar SUV is a highway terrain four wheel drive tyre for fuel efficient everyday driving. It is long lasting to meet the mileage demands of 4WD owners.

Fuel Saving Tyres Yokohama Orange Oil Range

Yokohama long lasting tyres with orange oil technology.
While the orange oil provides grip it's the high-quality, fine-particle micro-silica which helps the nano-blend compound resist wear. Tyre wear is very important to the owners of four wheel drives. The Geolandar SUV is probably the most long wearing of the orange oil tyres.

Before the Geolandar SUV orange oil tyre was launched in September 2012 Yokohama Tyre Australia began mileage testing in country and urban areas of New South Wales. Driving a Holden Captiva in two shifts per day Yokohama staff quickly racked up over 40,000 kilometers which, on average, only wore the tyres down about a third suggesting the mileage capability would be over 100,000 kilometers on the set of tyres.

The Geolandar SUV tyres have a high tread wear rating of UTQG 600. Most factory fitted tyres have UTQG ratings of 200 to 300. This suggests the Geolandar SUV would last twice as long as most factory-fitted 4x4 tyres which would normally be between 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers.

So the local testing and the testing completed in the American Uniform Tyre Quality Grading system is consistent.

Orange Oil Tyres Fuel Saving is Earth Saving

Yokohama's "eco tyres". Orange oil is even more "eco friendly".
The top fuel-efficient performance of Yokohama's low rolling resistance orange oil tyre range improves vehicle fuel savings and lowers exhaust emissons making the tyres environmentally friendly. A variety of tyre manufacturers now make low rolling resistance tyres they call "eco tyres". 

Yokohama goes one step further in the eco friendly stakes. The orange oil used in the tyres replaces some of the fuel oil that goes into tyre production. Orange oil comes from orange peels. So rather than using the non-renewable fuel resource Yokohama can use a waste orange peels for oil which are a renewable.

Yokohama orange oil technology survives the rigors of racing.
The first orange oil tyres in Australia were racing tyres used as the control tyre in the Australian V8 Ute Series in 2011. They proved they could perform well allowing exciting close racing even in hot climates such as Hidden Valley race circuit in Darwin, NT (below).

Yokohama Australian V8 Ute Series Tyre

The Australian V8 Utes use a 235/40R18 Yokohama ADVAN A048 R-spec orange oil tyre

From the 2010 racing season Yokohama supplied "eco racing tyres" to the FIA World Touring Car Championship. The newly developed racing tyre has a reformulated rubber compound where the previous oil was replaced by orange oil making the rubber more flexible with improved grip but with reduced environmental impact.

FIA World Touring Car Championship with Yokohama tyres

The WTCC cars use Yokohama ADVAN A005 slicks and A006 wet tyres with orange oil.

Now Yokohama's orange oil technology is available to save everyday motorists money. Yokohama's "everyday" range of tyres for cars and soft road 4x4s (SUVs) focuses on low rolling resistance and long lasting tyres. Low rolling resistance tyres help your car use less fuel. And long lasting tyres don't need to be replaced as often.

Yokohama's orange oil tyre range includes the C.drive2 (AC02)for extra safety and wet grip which suits small to medium cars like Mazda 3, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Then there's the Geolandar SUV HT Eco Tyre (G055) for fuel efficient everyday driving for urban SUVs and 4x4s. It suits Toyota RAV4, Holden Captiva, Honda CRV and Subaru Outback and Forester. The main tyre in the range will be the soon to be released BluEarth (AE01) which suits small to medium cars.

To see which Yokohama fuel saving orange oil tyre suits your car call your nearest Yokohama tyre shop on Ph.139656 or use the store locator.

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