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Yokohama Tyre Recommended Retail Prices Explained.

At Yokohama we recognise the current economic conditions in Australia, and the importance in offering not only premium levels of product in terms of performance and durability, but also new technology tyres that ensure you save money at the fuel bowser. 

In line with our commitment to deliver great products at market competitive tyre prices, we have renewed our tyre price list across the full product range. 
Our new tyre price policies effective March 2013 have been welcomed across the board by both Tyre Dealers and also the retail public. Our commitment to remain competitive is ongoing. 

To find the pricing guide of a particular tyre on this website, simply go to a tyre page, scroll down to the size list. Click on the tyre size you're after, and the "from price" will change to the price of the specific tyre you have selected. 

Whilst pricing advised on our website is a suggested or Recommended Retail Price (RRP), this pricing may vary slightly in the market place. We recommend for confirmation on any pricing please contact your local Yokohama Tyre Store.

So how do you find car tyre prices and 4x4 tyre prices? Go to a tyre page by either browsing the tyres tab or doing using the search tyre size function. Select the tyre type or tread pattern you want to view and then scroll down to the tyre size list. By default the page will display the "tyre from price" which is the cheapest in each range.

To find your tyre price simply click on the tyre size you want and the price of that tyre will display on the left in the red text. In the example below we're looking for a 205 60R15 tyre price (205/60R15) on the BluEarth AE01 tyre page. Clicking on this size (highlighted in red) will bring up the tyre's retail price which is $109 on the left (follow the blue arrow).

How to find the tyre prices

Some tyres prices are not listed and the Yokohama website. Yokohama's premium ADVAN tyre range shows a "from price" but not individual tyre prices. In this case, the best thing to do is call a Yokohama tyre store for a price. Recently though we have list ADVAN Neova AD08 prices and ADVAN A050 prices. The ADVAN A050 is a race tyre only available form Yokohama motorsport dealers.

Every tyre has a "starting from price" or "from price". This is the price of the cheapest tyre in the range. For example Yokohama's cheapest tyre, the BluEarth AE01, is priced from "$79". If you were to upgrade to a better performing tyre like the C.drive2 it would be more expensive. As such the "from price" for a C.drive2 is $122.

The wholesale tyre price of Yokohama car and 4WD tyres is based on discount percentage taken from the recommended retail price. That means retail tyre specials are usually within range of the RRP.

Sometimes the Yokohama provides special wholesale tyre prices to its retailers for tyre catalogues (usually the Tyres & More catalogue or Bob Jane T-Marts catalogue), tyre specials or simply to lift tyre sales. The retailers may pass the savings on to their customers with a generous retail special.

If you're quoted a tyre price you can compare it with Yokohama's recommended retail tyre price to ensure you're getting a good deal. You can either check this website or ask the Yokohama dealer to see their RRP price list. Just quietly, the most common Yokohama tyre on special is the A.driveR1. You can get these tyres for a bargain so be sure to call your local store and see what tyre discount is available.

If you're quoted a price that looks too good to be true it probably is. From time to time Yokohama tyres are privately imported into Australia from an unknown source. These tyres may be weather damaged, past their used by date or the incorrect compound for the Australian climate. These tyres are not covered by the Yokohama Tyre Australia warranty.

To ensure you get what you pay for always buy Yokohama tyres from an authorized Yokohama dealer including Tyres & More stores, Bob Jane T-Marts or Yokohama Independent tyre dealers listed on the Store Finder.

We hope this was helpful :)

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