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Yokohama BluEarth AE01 Launch

Yokohama officially launched its Blue Earth AE01- orange oil tyre range at a glittering event in Sydney’s Martin Place, on Saturday, March 9th, 2013.

Yokohama put out a new price list on 1st March featuring the new BluEarth tyre at a lower price than the tyre it replaces.

BluEarth tyre display
The BluEarth is all about saving fuel and saving drivers money at the petrol pump.

Yokohama tyre store owners arrive at BluEarth launch
Yokohama invited tyre store owners from across the country to attend the 2 day launch in Sydney.

BluEarth launch at Postales GPO Martin Place
The launch kicked off with drinks at a trendy bar where the high energy presentation video was played.

The launch, which included a 3 course dinner at GPO under the Westin Hotel, brought together over Yokohama 150 tyre stores from all over Australia. Yokohama staff also attended to witness the launch of Yokohama's ecologically friendly and safer tyre technology.

Dinner at GPO Spanish Restaurant
There was a lot of talking and laughing as Yokohama dealers enjoyed wine, beer and a 3 course meal. However, all was quiet for the prize draw.

Speaking at the launch, Yokohama Tyre Australia Managing Director Tatsuya Murata said he is very happy with the launch and this new range is most important for future sales”.

“Our new Orange Oil technology will increase tyre grip, improve wet road handling and lower fuel consumption, which is very good for the environment”. 

Yokohama's tyre retailers including Bob Jane T-Marts, Tyres & More stores and Preferred Independent Dealers all agreed the launch and dinner were a major success.

“It’s absolutely great”, said Glenn Bienke from Bob Jane’s T-Mart at Tweed Heads. “This event is extraordinary,” said Wanda from Cliff Haines of Tyres & More in Merredin, Western Australia.

Launch compere, Australian TV personality and motor racing enthusiast Glenn Ridge was also highly impressed with the new Yokohama Orange Oil range, saying that “Yokohama is known for its high-performance products and these Orange Oil based tyres represent a new technological realm for drivers”.

Hot lap with The Stig prize draw

Yokohama had a healthy stash of drive event gift vouchers to give away in a lucky draw. The grand prize was a hot lap with The Stig at the Top Gear Festival the following morning. Yokohama's Marketing Manager Christian T Hansen draws the winner.

Winner of hot lap with the Stig
Brian Thomas from Bob Jane T-Mart in Darwin was the lucky winner of the hot lap with The Stig in the yellow V8 HDT Commodore.

Holden Commodore HDT hot lap car
Five more lucky Yokohama tyre store owners received hot laps in V8 HDT Holdens.

Isuzu D Max on 2 wheels
Others got to ride in the Isuzu D Max stunt cars in the Yokohama Stunts and Jumps Zone.

Isuzu D Max ride
Some were a bit wobbly getting out of the cars. But they all had big smiles.

Top Gear Festival corporate suite
All of Yokohama's guests enjoyed the air conditioned corporate suite which provided a steady stream of food and drinks all day.

With the formalities of the launch presentation and dinner out of the way, Yokohama’s guests were treated to a wonderful day at the world class Sydney Motorsport Park, as official guests of the inaugural Top Gear Festival Sydney which included all the famous Top Gear personalities from the BBC Jeremy Clarkson, James May and of course, The Stig.

Eastern Creek corporate suite balcony
Most of the action at the Top Gear Festival Sydney was on the front straight. The Yokohama corporate suite was in a perfect spot.

Yokohama orange oil turn
Yokohama Orange Oil tyres owned the event with signage presence. The largest sign was 40 meters long and painted on to the grass at turn 1.

Top Gear Festival Sydney Motoring Villiage
Those guests brave enough to leave the bar and air conditioning of the corporate suite were treated to a huge range of automotive exhibitors in the Motoring Village in the pits.

Yokohama Top Gear Festival Display
Behind the Motoring Village was the Yokohama Stunts and Jumps Zone and an impressive display with 30,000 oranges.

Yokohama stand at Top Gear Festival
Three truck loads of oranges were brought in to liven up the Sydney Motorsport Park skid pan which has never looked so good.

28,000 oranges on display
Yokohama displayed its custom Toyota 86 GT giveaway prize.

Yokohama promotional models
The Yokohama stand had attractive and appropriately dressed promotional models to assist entrants in the guessing competition.

Orange stress ball guessing competition
The competition was to guess how many orange stress balls were in the Holden Captiva. There were 3,529.

Orange cruiser bike and surfboard prizes
The prize for the guessing competition was an orange cruiser bike and an orange surf board. Very cool.

The competition winners are announced here.

Crowds at the Yokohama stand
The Toyota 86 and the guessing competition successfully pulled a crowd all day over the two days of the Top Gear Festival.

Orange Oil tyre display
Naturally Yokohama had its range of orange oil tyres on display; the new BluEarth AE01 tyre, C.drive2 tyre and Geolandar SUV.

According to Christian T Hansen, Yokohama’s National Marketing Manager, this launch was the culmination of many years of hard work and research by Yokohama R&D teams. Orange Oil was first used in motorsport tyre compounds to achieve grip. Then it was adapted to eco tyres to give them the grip Yokohama tyres are famous for. The result is that drivers get the safest and most fuel-efficient and most eco-friendly tyres currently on the market.

“In the past “eco tyres” with their new technology have been priced at a premium to conventional tyres. However, the BluEarth AE01 “eco tyre” is actually cheaper than the conventional tyre it replaces. So with a cheaper purchase price and the ability to take motorists up to 10% further than the on a tank of fuel the BluEarth is a smart choice for low cost motoring without compromising quality or safety.”

“These factors alone will ensure popularity in the Australian tyre consumer market. And to have the market know that we are replacing some of the petroleum-based oil component with a natural by-product of the orange processing industry represents a first and major step forward for the tyre sector worldwide."

“After all the hard work my team and I put into this event, we are very happy with the final launch and we are sure this has been a great introduction of this eco technology into the Australian market.”

Eastern Creek skid pan hut
Yokohama's marketing department took the opportunity to launch a new range of driveway flags at the event.

Yokohama barrier signage
Yokohama had their new Orange Oil Tyres logo right around the track to show their commitment to this exciting new technology.

Yokohama information area
The skid pan at Sydney Motorsport Park was a bit dull until we had it painted and went crazy with interior and exterior signage.

Yokohama V8 ute wheel change competition
Fresh from the Clipsal 500 event in Adelaide Yokohama had the Stratco V8 Racing Ute on display. The Australian V8 Ute Racing series has used orange oil race tyres for 3 years.

Fastest male entrant
Yokohama conducted a wheel change competition. The fastest time by a male was 1:01 minutes.

Fastest female entrant
The fastest woman completed the wheel change in 1:56 minutes.

Star in the reasonably priced lexus
On the Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit and Lexus ran the Top Gear "Star in a reasonably priced car" competition. The fuel efficient and sporty Lexus CT200h needed a high performance tyre with good stability for "on the limit" driving so the Yokohama C.drive2 Orange Oil tyre was the best choice.

Stunt mini running BluEarth
The stunt minis in the Yokohama Stunts and Jumps Zone used the new Yokohama BluEarth AE01 Orange Oil tyre for their tricky manoeuvres.

AMG CL63 driven by Dean Canto
The Mercedes AMG C63 was regularly sideways on the skid pan, in true Top Gear Jeremey Clarkson style, punishing the Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103 tyres.

Top Gear Festival Sydney Crowd
The drifting V8 utes and AMG Mercedes drew the largest crowds.

Superman on a motor cross bike
The highlight of the Yokohama Stunts and Jumps Zone was the massive "air" the stunt bikes were getting. This rider is doing a Superman.

Jake Driftsquid Jones drifting on Eastern Creek's skid pan
Jake "Driftsquid" Jones brought his Yokohama ADVAN sponsored Nissan drift car to the skid pan to take Yokohama tyre store owners for rides and make short work of the Yokohama A.driveR1 tyres.

Top Gear Festival ADVAN display
Jake's car is a real crowd pleaser. He and his tattooed race team bring fun, energy and street credibility to Yokohama's premium and racing brand ADVAN.

Jake Driftsquid Jones popular with the ladies
The ladies love the Driftsquid.

Tyres and More Aussie Racing Car
The Top Gear Festival stand featured racing cars from categories where Yokohama ADVAN tyres are used including: the Australian V8 Ute Series, Improved Production Racing Association, Yokohama World Time Attack, Australian Tarmac Rally Championship and Aussie Racing Cars (Pictured).

At the conclusion of the event, all 156 of Yokohama's tyre stores went home with a keen desire to start offering Yokohama’s new Blue Earth AE01 tyre so they can help their customer reduce their fuel bill and help save the environment.

As Derrick Baker from Bob Janes T-Mart at Devonport in Tasmania said: “I think these tyres will be very good for us and with an 8-10% cent fuel saving possible, I think the public will also love them”.

If you're interested in becoming a Yokohama tyre dealer please fill in the contact us form.


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