ADVAN A050 R Spec Tyre

ADVAN A050 R Spec

Yokohama Tyre Australia is very lucky to have the brilliant ADVAN A050 R-spec race tyre. We're the only country outside Japan to get the tyre.

The Yokohama Rubber Company, Japan agreed to give us the ADVAN A050 for time attack racing.

Now, in Australia, the ADVAN A050 has become "the tyre to have" in Tarmac Rallies, Hillclimbs, Improved Production Racing Association (IPRA) and Time Attack events. You don't have to take our word for it. Read the customer reviews at the bottom of this page.

World Time Attack Winner 2013 Tilton Interiors

Just how fast is the ADVAN A050? In October 2013 at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park the Tilton Interiors Evo set a 1:24.855 lap time on a set of 295/35R18 ADVAN A050.

Often, the ADVAN A050 has had the majority share of many tarmac rallies. In 2013 around 60% of the competitors in the Targa Tasmania used ADVAN A050s.

ADVAN A050 on a Tarmac Rally Evo
Sam Stevens, The First Female To Win A National Level Tarmac Rally.

And since 2012 the Improved Production Racing Association have also been allowed to use the ADVAN A050.

It's a fast tyre that's brilliant in the wet. It heats up quickly and maintains its performance after many heat cycles.

Available in soft (G/S) and medium (M) compounds only through Yokohama Motorsport Dealers.

During cornering the contact patch load centreline shifts towards the outside edge of the tyre. This shift has been minimized with the A050, when compared with the A048, to provide greater control and linear steering feedback. Even heat distribution is crucial in race tyres. The tread pattern of the A050 has been optimized to improve the tread block nose and shoulder heat distribution. Centre nose heat has been accelerated while shoulders generate less heat. This provides improved control over performance deterioration even at high temperatures. Instead of the sharp-edged tread grooves of the A048, the A050 has grooves with rounded groove edges, laid out in continuous lines. These rounded grooves help disperse the load input from the road surface, which prolongs the life of the tyre.

The A050's stable and linear steering characteristics come in part from its high rigidity bead wire, which links the tyre carcass to the wheel, it squeezes the rim tightly and helps reduce energy loss when cornering, braking or accelerating. A rule of thumb for setting this tyre is 29 - 31 psi hot and above 60 degrees tread block temperature with less than 10% variation across the tyre. Your Yokohama Motorsport Dealer can offer expertise on achieving this.

CLICK HERE to read a blog on how to set hot tyre pressures.

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Tyre features

  • Heats Up Quickly

  • Excellent Wet Grip

  • Fast Lap Times

  • Durable Heat Cycles

  • Large Size Range

  • Soft & Medium Compounds

  • Consistent & Forgiving
Rating 5/5 stars

ADVAN A050 R Spec Tyre Prices (click on the tyre size below to show price)

139656 RRP Size: price

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SizeLoad Speed
185/55R14 80V M80V
185/55R14 80V80V
185/60R14 G/S82H
185/60R14 M82H
195/60R14 M86H
195/50R15 M82V
205/50R15 G/S86V
205/50R15 M86V
215/50R15 G/S88V
215/50R15 M88V
225/50R15 M91V
195/55R15 M85V
225/45R16 MZR
SizeLoad Speed
205/50R16 G/S87V
205/50R16 M87V
215/50R16 G/S90V
215/50R16 M90V
295/35R18 G/S94W
245/40R17 M94W
245/40R17 G/S94W
255/40R17 MZR
215/45R17 M89W
215/45R17 G/S89W
225/45R17 MZR
235/45R17 M91W
235/45R17 G/S91W
SizeLoad Speed
295/30R18 G/S93W
295/30R18 M93W
265/35R18 G/S95W
265/35R18 M95W
295/35R18 M94W
225/40R18 G/S94W
225/40R18 M94W
235/40R18 MZR
245/40R18 M91W
245/40R18 G/S91W
255/40R18 M 93W
255/40R18 93W 93W

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Tyre Reviews

  • fastest and most consistent tyre I have tried

    Alan Saint,4/01/2014 1:37:00 PM

    I do hillclimbs in my M3, and having over the years, tried most tyres on the production car list (for IP class regs) and a couple of others for other events, the A050 is the fastest, and most consistent tyre of all of them, and took 1.7 seconds off the IP class record at haunted hills venue, on the 5th event for the tyres. I also use A050 tyres on my E30 Racing E30 race car, and have set class track records on tyres that have done 6 or 7 events, you don't get the massive performance drop off that most R compound tyres have, great more »

  • A050's on a WRX

    Mick Burke,1/12/2013 12:46:00 PM

    I have used 2 sets of the A050's on the AFF Motorsport WRX, these tyres are awesome. They took us to a series outright class win in Mt Cotton Hillclimb, always in the top 20 outright, and amazing times at Lakeside raceway. The grip levels both in the dry and wet is very inspiring. I have always had plenty of grip available from turn one through the entire distance. Best tyre more »

  • I got talking to a few track day guys and after trying hankook, dunlop a...

    Adam,19/12/2012 10:40:00 PM

    I got talking to a few track day guys and after trying hankook, dunlop and others in the past I am just amazed at the Grip level and performance gain from this tyre. It grips from the get-go, and after many track days and hill climbs I am hooked. The cheapest, best performance gain I have put on any car. AND.....they last and just keep on gripping! more »

  • Right now there is not one tyre that comes close to this AO50 .I have wo...

    scott dean,13/09/2012 10:47:00 PM

    Right now there is not one tyre that comes close to this AO50 .I have won the QLD hill climb championship with new class record ,Morgan park super sprints ,Noosa hill climb with new class record .All i can say please if your in my class dont buy them more »

  • A switch to the A050 showed immediate results by helping to lower times ...

    Richard Monty,21/05/2012 3:14:00 PM

    A switch to the A050 showed immediate results by helping to lower times and improve drivability. They work well over a cross section of track types and weather. Awesome tyres. I'm well more »

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850HP Aussie Evo at Tsukuba

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Great lap times.

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