ADVAN Neova AD08R Tyre

Street Driving & Fast Lap Times


Now available with a faster "R" Orange Oil rubber compound. For racers and car enthusiasts with highly tuned cars. They use their car on the street and the race track and want one tyre to do both duties. Capable of astonishing lap times. It's the tyre used by World Time Attack Challenge Clubsprint competitors.

ADVAN Neova AD08R Orange Oil Tyres

Street tyres work well when cold. Conventional rubber compounds reach their limit during high speed driving as heat softening quickly saps the tyres ability to grip the road. Using street tyres on the track can lead to slower lap times and rapid tread wear.

Race tyres, on the other hand, work well when hot. R-spec race tyres and slicks generate heat which helps them grip the race track. They work best above 60 degrees Celsius. Race tyres work best in the first heat cycles, then performance begins to drop off. Using race tyres on the street is uneconomical as it can waste heat cycles and reduce tyre performance.

Heat control is one of the key features of the ADVAN Neova AD08R. It deals with heat effectively and copes with hard driving with minimal wear. It really is the ultimate high performance road tyre. The downside with the original ADVAN Neova AD08 was that it tended to squeal a bit with track work. The new ADVAN Neova AD08R is more progressive with less squeal. It feels more like an R-compound tyre.

The Neova AD08R tread design is the same as the AD08. Sequential Round Grooves dissipate and spread forces over large unbroken tread sections. Uni-block shoulders are continuous for rigidity, powerful grip and lower lap times.

ADVAN Neova AD08R rubber compound

The new "R" tyre compound provides more initial grip, improved handling and improved lap times making an already great tyre even better. The rubber compound has more carbon, for dry grip; more silica, for wet grip and Yokohama's innovative Orange Oil tyre technology proven in the tyres used in the World Touring Car Championship.

World Time Attack Clubsprint Winner Subaru WRX
The ADVAN Neova AD08R is the tyre used at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in Clubsprint Class. Even with tighter 2013 rules the AD08Rs were capable of a 1:39.247 lap time at Sydney Motorsport Park in the Process West Subaru WRX Sti of Jason Wright and Autotech.

Set ADVAN Neovas up like race tyres so that your hot pressures, when you come off the track are between 32 and 36 psi. For an explanation on how to set hot tyre pressures read our blog.

On the street use the manufacturer's tyre placard pressure recommendations.

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Tyre Features

  • Micro Silica 2 Orange Oil Compound grips road, resists deformation, heat and wear. 
  • Racing Tread Pattern Increase Rigidity.
  • Steel Sidewall High performance in cornering, braking and on dry tracks.  
  • 8mm Tread Depth 180 Treadwear UTQG Expect reasonable tread life.
  • Widely Available and Not just Motorsport.
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$179 RRP Size: 185/55R15 At some stores additional tyre fitting charges may apply.

For the best tyre prices call a Yokohama store.

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Tyre Reviews

  • Best mixed use tyre I have ever used

    Jason,19/02/2014 2:21:00 PM

    I use the AD08's on my Swift Sport for superkhana's and have been blown away by their performance and consistency under stress.

    As they are not a full r-compound tyre, I can easily leave them on after a track event for the next few days if I don't have the time to change them over before work.

    I will continue buying these tyres as they perfectly suit my needs and would happily recommend them to any more »

  • Best tyres hands down!!!

    ian,5/12/2013 9:57:00 AM

    Fantastic grip! Had Pirelli p zero before stock, the ad08r much better in dry for concerning, stopping and acceleration. Wet/light rain driving is as if it's not wet. Tyres when push to limits loses traction for a millisecond and then grips and gets out of corner... Wow!! Vs p zero when pushed and loses traction it goes. Have ad08 front and rear is advan a13c (great in dry but hopeless in wet)

    Comment from Yokohama: Hi Ian thanks for the ADVAN Neova Tyre Review. We suggest you match your front and rear tyres. If you can't put the same tyre tread pattern front and rear at least put on a similar design. Go with all directional tyres - like the ADVAN Neova AD08. Or go with asymmetrical tyres like the Yokohama A13s. With a mix of tyres front and rear you may get unpredictable handling (especially in the wet, which you mentioned). Also, with an all wheel drive it makes sense to match the tyre tread pattern and tyre wear to keep the overall tyre diameters similar front and rear. That way the front and rear wheels are turning at the same speed and you won't over-work the centre differential. Also, you can reduce your tyre wear and noise by properly rotating your tyres as they wear. We hope this helps :) more »

  • After mixed experiences with previous tyres from premium Euro brands, I ...

    Ash,10/01/2013 2:22:00 PM

    After mixed experiences with previous tyres from premium Euro brands, I thought I'd give these a go. As far as bang for your buck goes, no tyre even comes close to the all-round performance of the AD08's.

    Not only did they survive the day-to-day stresses of a high torque FWD car on both road and track (and even surviving a cracked rim without any damage), but they've also had much more progressive wear and have easily lasted 30-40% longer than other sets of tyres I've used, with only minimal loss in performance.

    Hence I'm definitely getting another set fitted at my next change!! more »

  • WOW!I've only driven approximately 200kms through the hills ...

    Ash,29/12/2012 11:49:00 PM


    I've only driven approximately 200kms through the hills with the AD08's and I now have a new found love for my car. I used to struggle with traction in the first 3 gears, now the tyres don't lose traction at all even in 1st on wide open throttle from a stop. Best thing I've bought for my car hands down, i'm just disappointed I waited so long to get them..

    I can't wait to take my car on the track now! more »

  • I had the Michelin pilot supersport on my vehicle before I purchased the...

    peter,21/12/2012 4:40:00 PM

    I had the Michelin pilot supersport on my vehicle before I purchased the neova. I was not overly impressed with the Michelin because the sidewalls were too soft and steering response was slow and cornering was squishy. Although, this tyre had great ultimate grip.
    My car also has upgraded bilstein shocks, eibach springs and uprated front and rear sway bars along with all suspension bushes upgraded in the front and rear. The setup is designed primarily for handling, but comfort is excellent.
    Since fitting the neova all I can say is wow!
    The steering response and cornering is sublime.
    The sidewalls are super stiff and feel fantastic on the road. During cornering there is no give on the sidewall and my confidence has increased. Maximum grip is higher than the Michelin too.
    In terms of road noise And comfort, they are excellent. Although the neova is a much stiffer tyre than the Michelin, it rides about the same. Road noise is about equal on smooth roads and about 5-10% noisier on rough roads which is hardly any different but noticeable.
    Yokohama have done an excellent job with this tyre and I will buy again! more »

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