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BluEarth-A AE50

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BluEarth - A AE50 was developed in pursuit of driving pleasure. It combines exceptional manoeuvrability & comfort with fuel efficient performance. It is superb in the wet, reducing braking distance significantly whilst boasting quietness & grip for a high level of total

The orange oil technology in Yokohama's high tech Nano Blend rubber compound adds grip at a micro level. As a result, Yokohama's fuel efficient eco tyres have the grip Yokohama is famous for.

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Tyre Features

  • Wet Braking Performance Extreme Grip + Wet Steering Stability
  • Orange Oil Tyre Technology Long Mileage + Wet Grip + Fuel Efficiency
  • Block Rigidity Safe & Secure driving
  • Comfortable Ride Smaller pitch variation
  • Total Performance Strong wet & dry performance

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    $166 RRP Size: 195/50R16 At some stores additional tyre fitting charges may apply.

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    SizeLoad Speed
    205/60R16 96W
    215/65R16 98H
    205/45R17 88W
    225/45R17 94W
    SizeLoad Speed
    245/45R17 99W
    265/35R18 97W
    225/40R18 92W
    245/40R18 97W
    22545R18 91W
    235/45R18 94W
    SizeLoad Speed
    235/35R19 91W
    245/35R19 93W
    245/40R19 98W
    245/45R19 98W
    245/35R20 95W

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    • only yokohama from now on

      Anthony,3/11/2016 11:43:00 PM

      Wow best tyre ever had and I've gone through a lot of tyres. They handle,they are smooth and quiet, they absorb most road problems, and best of all tyre rating is great. most toyotas pull to the left not with these on it stopped straight away more »

    • It really does make a difference !

      Lloyd,23/08/2016 12:36:00 AM

      Bought these tyres from Bob Jane. Part of 4 tyres for price of 3 promotion deal. Replaced original factory A349 yoko's after 65,000 kms.
      We live on the fringe of Melbourne CBD. Predominately start stop driving (95% of the time). Taking kids to school, basketball training/games and the weekly grocery shopping run. Would go for long country drives probably 4 times a year on average - usually coinciding with school holidays.
      These tyres do genuinely make a difference ! It's not just marketing hot air. From the moment drivng away from the tyre shop the car felt :
      (A) much smoother
      (B) had significantly more grip on wet & dry roads.
      (C) rolling resistance is way better. It felt like the car would coast on much much further after you took your foot of the accelerator. You don't have to press on the accelerator pedal as hard to get up to speed.
      (D) fuel consumption has gone down. The dash fuel usage display was showing consistent 12 litres per 100 kms prior to tyre change. Now it is averaging 10 litres per 100 kms. The cars computer is very the placebo effect has nothing to do with this !.
      The only downside with these tyres is they are a touch louder than the factory originals - but only very slightly more + l don't know if l will get as many kilometres out of these as the original more »

    • AE50

      Greg,24/06/2016 4:24:00 PM

      I have 225 x 55 x 17 and have found these to be more responsive than original tyres and excellent in the wet, I tow every day so the 101 load rating and silica compound attracted me. Time will tell with wear, but so far there great. more »

    • Great Allround Tyre

      David Lunn,3/02/2016 6:51:00 PM

      I love these tyres, they have great grip wet and dry, are much more comfortable compared to OEM tyres and heaps Quieter. I hve done 20,000 on them. I will need new back ones - these cars have lots of power and put a lot of stress on the back tyres. The front tyres are like new. should have rotated them earlier. I will be purchasing these ones more »

    • So Quiet and Smooth

      David Lunn,28/02/2015 11:48:00 AM

      I have only had these tyres for a day but they are soooo much quieter than the standard tyres and so much smoother ride.
      Thanks Yokohama and thanks Tyres and more City Rubber at Coopers Plains for recommending these to more »

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