C.drive2 AC02 Tyre

Extra Safety with Orange Oil Technology

C.drive2 AC02

Yokohama Orange Oil Tyres LogoThe C.drive2 is for a step up from the A.drive and BluEarth. It offers better handling for every day motorists or families looking for a safe feel and secure grip on wet roads. 

It has a quiet ride and crucial stability in emergency situations. The C.drive2 (AC02) suits hatchbacks, medium size sedans, people movers and vehicles with sports or luxury pack upgrades.

Released in 2011 it was the first Yokohama road tyre to benefit from Yokohama's fuel saving and eco-friendly Orange Oil Technology.
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Cdrive2 wet grip demo

The C.drive2 has superior wet grip to the factory fitted tyres.

Download the brochure for tyre technical features and diameters: Yokohama Cdrive2 AC02 Tyre Brochure

Please note that in some sizes where the C.drive2 (AC02) is not available we have continued with the C.drive (AC01). The tyre sizes below containing (AC01) indicates the C.drive and not the C.drive2.

Tyre Cdrive2

Tyre Features

  • Orange Oil Tyre Technology Wet Grip and Fuel economy.
  • Large Circumferentail Grooves Increases Grip and safety.
  • Spiral Drain Grooves Additional wet grip.
  • Shortened Lug Grooves Better Cornering.
  • 5 Pitch Variation Tread Design Low tyre and cabin noise.
  • EcoFriendly Low exhaust emissions.

Rating 5/5 stars

C.drive2 AC02 Tyre Prices (click on the tyre size below to show price)

$122 RRP Size: 185/65R14 At some stores additional tyre fitting charges may apply.

For the best tyre prices call a Yokohama store.

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SizeLoad Speed
215/60R15 (AC01)98V
SizeLoad Speed
205/45R16 (AC01)87W
195/50R16 (AC01)88V
205/50R16 (AC01)87W
225/50R16 (AC01)92W
SizeLoad Speed
235/45R17 (AC01)97W
215/50R17 (AC01)95W
215/55R17 (AC01)98W
225/40R18 (AC01)92W
235/40R18 (AC01)95W

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Tyre Reviews

  • Best tyres for my family car.

    Davey,23/05/2014 8:03:00 PM

    These tyres are the best ones yet. I purchased these to replace the cheap Chinese tyre that came with my Ford Falcon months ago. I've previously used Yokohamas and found them to be an excellent tyre brand.

    These Yokohama C Drive 2 tyres have been on for 4 months now and have covered at least 15,000km since then and has been driven in sunshine and rain and has never lost grip once. They are quiet, only giving a gentle hum. The steering feel has improved and overall handling of the car has improved as well.

    I regularly keep these tyres inflated at 36psi as BA sedans are rather heavy. As of last week, the tread has barely worn yet and the wheels have been rotated at 10,000km. Most recommended tyres....read more »

  • Fantastic value for money great all rounder

    Julian ,1/04/2014 9:06:00 PM

    These are real value for money tyres, they are surprisingly quiet (especially after the rubbish tyres I had fitted at the Local Subaru Dealer.)

    My car now really does stop better in both wet and dry conditions. It corners like it did when new and they really hang on when you push hard. The original tyres that came with the car were also Yokohama tyres and I don't know why I went away from them. The car really does seem to be going further on a tank of gas and best of all was the value for money when I bought the tyres.

    I have to say I was a bit sceptical about the claims at first but they really are the goods. I have had Yokohama tyres previously with other cars and they were always good but these are exceptional value for money.

    If you are a family man that likes to drive, buy these, you wont be disappointed P.S Tyres and More at Red Hill were great too ...read more »

  • A longer lasting performance tyre

    Darren Walker,9/12/2013 11:18:00 PM

    With the Yokohama C Drive 2, you get the best of both worlds - the traditional Yokohama grip with a reasonable tyre life. Previously had another brand of "Eco" tyres fitted, but nowhere near the grip of the C Drive 2, especially in the wet. You can buy these tyres secure in the knowledge that you really can't lose on any count - tyre life, low rolling resistance fuel economy, and grip....read more »

  • Quiet Achievers

    Simon Ogden,31/07/2013 6:28:00 PM

    I am very happy with my CDrive2 tyres. They are quiet and grip well in all conditions. They have a feeling of confidence that I like with very little bump thump and very smooth. The car is eager to turn into corners and has good straightline stablity. I previously had a new Dunlop fast response tyre on one wheel and it made so much noise I thought there was something wrong with my car! Just goes to show how good Yokohama tyres are....read more »

  • I did a trip from Sydney to Melbourne and back just after the tyres were...

    Rohan Peacock,17/10/2012 3:49:00 PM

    I did a trip from Sydney to Melbourne and back just after the tyres were fitted and I really noticed the difference in how the car handled. The tyres have excellent grip, both in the wet and the dry. During the trip I did a drive through Kosciusko national park, where I noticed the car had better acceleration when powering up the hills and more sensitivity when constantly braking on the downhills. I was fortunate enough to check out the tyres in a variety of conditions including dirt track.

    Once back on the highway I couldn’t give much of a technical opinion as the road was long and straight and I was watching the speed limits, but the tyres were quiet and felt smooth, which considering the amount of half done roadwork around was a really good thing.

    I’ve had the C.drive2 tyres for about a month now and though I’m not qualified to give much of a technical opinion on them, I can say that for a P plater who probably brakes as much as he accelerates, the tyres are a perfect fit and I feel very confident driving on them. I’m looking forward to the next road trip....read more »

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