Geolandar ATS G012 Tyre

Gravel, Mud, Snow, Sand and Quiet City Driving

Geolandar ATS G012

Modern four wheel drives are refined & luxurious. Fit the right all terrain tyre and they’re also very capable off road. The Geolandar A/T-S gives impressive all terrain capability without generating the tyre noise and harshness of most all terrain tyres.

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Geolandar ATS Off-Road Landrover
Driving on Australian outback roads with built up grave.

It's important to stay in the tyre tracks, and not stray into the mounds of loose stuff, when travelling fast on gravel. The Geolandar has good on-centre feel and straignt line stability to help the driver feel more confident and comfortable in these condtions. The tread compound on the Geolandar A/T-S is remarkably cut and chip resistant. Especially when compared to some specialist off-road tyre brands.

Driving in the snow without chains.
Snow on snow grips better than rubber on snow. The Geolandars works well on snow because the tread picks up a little snow.

Driving on the beach in soft sand.
The Geolandar is not so aggressive that it digs the vehicle down into the sand. It rides on top of the sand comfortably. Lower the pressures for better performance.

Highway and Urban Driving.
Silent Tyre Technology from the passenger range makes the A/T-S surprisingly a quiet all terrain tyre.

Free Road Hazard Protection Available.

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Tyre Features

  • Puncture Resistant

  • Long Lasting
    500 UTQG treadwear

  • Quiet On Road

  • Excellent Traction Off Road

  • Glowing Reviews

  • Free Road Hazard Protection
Rating 5/5 stars
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Geolandar ATS G012 Tyre Prices (click on the tyre size below to show price)

$245 RRP Size: 215/70R15 At some stores additional tyre fitting charges may apply.

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Tyre Reviews

  • Proof that these are "ALL TERAIN" tyres

    Greg,14/07/2014 1:45:00 PM

    I live in The Grampians (Victoria) travel on 50% bitumen & 50% gravel roads in both wet and dry conditions and these tyres have not let me down once. Based on owning these tyres since July 2012 without any issues (one puncture only due to 2 large nails) I decided to simply check the tyre pressures pack 2 spare tyres and headed off to the out back. A 2 week trip, so up to Marree, along the Oodnadatta track for a day, back to Marree, then up the Birdsville track to Birdsville, out to "Big Red" edge of the Simpson Desert, up the Birdsville Developmental road to Betoota on the Diamantina Developmental road, then to Windorah, Quilpie, Charleville, Bourke and back home. Leaving Windorah and now back on a single lane bitumen until one see's a Road Train heading your way, so "off to the left buddy" when passing. So you're on half bitumen and half gravel mostly slushy as it had rained 3 days before I arrived. Ducking urgently to the left then back onto the bitumen presented no problems at all.
    Honestly running the correct tyre pressures over my 2 week "trek" to the out back; 24psi gravel/18psi sand/36psi bitumen, meant gibber gravel, deeply rutted surfaces, soft sand, red soil, several water crossings and thick "gooey red stuff" saw me back home safe-n-sound with no problems. I was prepared for trouble as I took 2 spare tyres (not required) but made good use of my 160ltr / hour air compressor when changing tyre pressures.
    A quick look at my Geo's AT's now, they look like I'll get another 30 to 40k from them before replacement. Even if I only get another 25k there's no question for me, it's another set of Geolander AT'S G012 when the time comes.
    PS: I travelled 4,967klm's on this trip; a good test for these more »

  • Geolander AT's

    David ,20/06/2014 6:23:00 PM

    Went with Yokohama's instead of Mickey T's or Coopers as was all i could afford at the time. Out performing the Bridgestone OEM tyre in every way, on road, off road even in the wet. Just bought a new set of AT's for my trip to the more »

  • Good all rounder

    Anthony,15/08/2013 10:14:00 AM

    At the time I bought these tyres, I was really looking for Coopers tyres or BFG's. I had to buy Yokohama because I needed tyres in a hurry and these are what the tyre shop had.

    We've done some off road work ranging from dirt roads to pretty rough tracks, on road work is mainly country/highway driving, a few interstate trips. On road the tyres are exceptional, they went beyond my expectations, fantastic traction in the wet and the dry, they have felt very sure footed in all conditions.

    Off road they better than great in the dry offering good traction on rougher terrain and the excel on higher speed dirt roads. The only negative I could find was in the wet, For an all terrain they were acceptable in muddy conditions, but I have had all terrains that work better in mud than the yokies. The trade off was they didn't work as good on the highway. more »

  • Surprisingly civilsed on sealed roads

    David,8/08/2013 6:37:00 PM

    Our XL-7 spends 99% of it's time on road. The ATS tyres ride quietly and made a vast improvement to the city driving experience compared to the previous Cooper Discoverer Sports. They're excellent in the wet too. There has been a slight sacrifice to steering response but the ride comfort and quietness is well worth it. It's nice to know that we've decent tyres for the limited off road use it does get. They're miles ahead of the OE fitted Bridgestone D687's for ride comfort, handling and wet weather performance (the 687's were DANGEROUS in the wet!) more »

  • The All Terrain Underdog

    brent,20/05/2013 2:13:00 PM

    74000km not a problem, only 50% worn at the most and very quiet on the road. definitely the underdog all terrain tyre. more »

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