LT151R Tyre

Offers better Mileage & Fuel Efficiency


The YOKOHAMA LT151R is a robust and durable Light Truck tyre that offers better mileage and better fuel efficiency, providing the perfect balance.

A new compound and exclusive profile combined with a more rigid tread pattern have extended the wear life of the YOKOHAMA LT151R.

The tyre's structure is based on tyres for heavy duty trucks, this design feature allows for enhanced wear resistance and ensures durability for longwear.

The LT151R is a balanced performance tyre that is exceptional in any condition including the wet. This provides peace of mind on rainy days when still trying to get through a day of work on drenched roads.

Tyre LT151R Label

Tyre features

  • Rigid Structure Minimises Distortion & ensures long lasting performance
  • Distinctive Grooves Stable Wet Conditions
  • 4 Rigid Ribs Reduces uneven wear & increases stability
  • New Compound Wear Resistance
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LT151R Tyre Prices (click on the tyre size below to show price)

$206 RRP Size: 185/65R15 12P At some stores additional tyre fitting charges may apply.

For the best tyre prices call a Yokohama store.

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SizeLoad Speed
185/65R15 12P101/99L
205/65R15 12P107/105L
215/65R15 12P 110/108L
195/75R15 12P109/107L
195/85R15 12P113/111L
195/65R16 12P106/104L
205/65R16 109/107L 12P109/107L
SizeLoad Speed
225/70R16 12P 117/115L
205/75R16 12P 113/111L
225/75R16 12P 118/116L
185/85R16 12P111/109L
195/85R16 12P114/112L
205/85R16 12P117/115L
215/85R16 12P 120/118L

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