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July 25, 2018 Winter Tyre Safety 101

Winter Tyre Safety 101
To misquote Game of Thrones...winter is here! While most Australians won’t have to deal with snow, the chilly mornings, condensation and wet weather can still pose significant safety risks. Making sure your tyres are appropriate for the conditions is a fundamental step in ensuring your family’s safety.

Get a Tyre That Grips

Certain tyres have been developed to handle wet conditions better. Yokohama’s BluEarth A-AE50 boasts extreme grip and wet braking performance. The tyre’s specially formulated tread improves the latter significantly, giving you peace of mind on rainy winter mornings.

Harness the Power of Technology

Yokohama’s engineers also use orange oil technology in the rubber compound of BluEarth tyres. This adds grip at a micro level, plus optimises fuel consumption.
The ‘low rolling resistance’ reduces energy loss as the tyre rolls, decreasing the effort and improving fuel efficiency. With most tyres that have low rolling resistance, wet grip is sacrificed. However, Yokohama’s nano-blend rubber compound contains high quality silica and orange oil that is blended so the polymers hit three key criteria: low rolling resistance, long mileage capability and excellent wet grip.

According to one Mitsubishi driver, the BluEarth A-AE50 tyres are some of the most responsive that he has ever driven: “They are excellent in the wet. I tow every day, so the load rating and silica compound also attracted me.”

They also ensure a comfortable ride. “They’re so much quieter than standard tyres and give a much smoother ride,” says a Ford Falcon driver from Queensland.

Prepare your car for the winter months ahead! Yokohama tyres are stocked through Tyres & More, Bob Jane T Mart and selected independent dealers.

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