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January 29, 2018 Staying Safe on Slippery Australian Roads

Australian summers can be famously hot, wet and humid. The transition for cars from scorching asphalt to wet slippery roads can make driving treacherous.

It’s important to take precautions when driving and pay extra attention in wet weather conditions. In the wake of an accident near Newcastle late last year, Police Traffic Command’s Chief Inspector Philip Brooks said: 

“With roads becoming slippery and unpredictable we’re asking drivers to please take extra care, leave a greater braking distance between themselves and the vehicle in front...and slow down where possible.”

Taking Precautions 

Decreasing speed and maintaining distance are key safety precautions. Some other things you can do are:

  • Turn on your headlights in the daytime for better vision
  • Be alert and watch for large puddles
  • Stay informed by turning on the radio for traffic warnings
  • Brake gently to ensure your vehicle’s stability 


Ensure You Have the Right Tyre

A crucial part of staying safe is your equipment. Even if your vehicle is mainly traversing suburban roads and only hitting the highways occasionally, it’s important you have a tyre suitable for wet weather conditions, particularly if you live in an area prone to rain.

Yokohama’s engineers are continually innovating to produce tyres which promote better safety and performance across a range of conditions.

The BluEarth AE50 was developed by Yokohama for maximum wet braking performance on passenger vehicles. It is a superb tyre in the wet, reducing braking distance while still being quiet and offering outstanding grip.

It is also fuel efficient, as it uses Yokohama’s patented Orange Oil technology. This unique Nano Blend rubber compound adds grip at a micro level and has been proven to use less fuel.

Anthony, who drives a Toyota Aurion, rated the BluEarth AE50 five stars, saying that:

“Best tyre ever...and I've gone through a lot of tyres! They handle, they are smooth and quiet, they absorb most road problems, and best of all the tyre rating is great. Most Toyotas pull to the left not with these on it stopped straight away.”

Wherever you’re off to this summer, stay safe on the roads with Yokohama and the BluEarth AE50.


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