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December 19, 2017 How to Stay Safe Off Road Geolandar Mud Terrain G003

Driving through muddy terrain

Taking your 4WD or SUV off-road is a thrilling way to spend a weekend. Once you’ve known the freedom of driving across a riverbank or along a remote dirt track to a secluded beach, it’s difficult to remember a time when you were confined to the highway.

However, off-roading does carry risks, particularly if you’re hit by inclement weather that can turn a dirt track into a muddy mess. Without the right tyres, you risk getting bogged or sliding into problem territory.

If you’re a serious off-road enthusiast, you need to get to grips with the Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003. Released in November 2017, this tyre is one of Yokohama’s most exceptional performers and one ‘tough mudder’.

New to the off-road scene? Here’s a crash course in what gives this tyre so much traction out in the field.

The Geolandar M/T G003 is purpose built for the extreme off road adventurer and is designed to conquer some of the world’s wildest terrains. Its reinforced casing delivers crushing performance, not to mention intimidating looks and long tread life that inspires confidence.

Longer Tread Life

8% Longer Tread Life compared to its predecessor the Geolandar M/T+ G001.

High Density Compound. Triple polymer provides exceptional wear performance.

Wide Flat Profile. Distributes stresses more evenly across the entire tread area, equating to longer wear.

Off-Road Durability

Aggressive Sidewall Armour. Its bold and tough looks deliver off-road traction and protection from damage

Geo-shield Technology. A full nylon cap with multiple sidewall plies, steel belts and a turn up carcass for extreme traction and reliable protection.

On/Off Road Traction. Stops 1.29m shorter on wet roads compared to the Geolandar M/T+ G001 

Quieter Ride

The M/T G003 is 2.3 decibels quieter on the road than predecessor tyres. Pitch Variation gives a comparatively quiet and comfortable ride.

Visit your local Yokohama dealer to talk about the Geolandar M/T G003 or other specific tyres for your needs, whether that be off-road or on the highway.

Yokohama tyres are designed to take you wherever you want to go – safely. 

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