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November 2, 2017 Make Your 4WD More City Friendly

Four Wheel Drives have sky-rocketed in popularity over the last couple of decades. According to figures from Roads and Maritime Services, one in every four vehicles on the North Shore of Sydney is a Four Wheel Drive.

Previous NSW Government research has indicated that close to two-thirds of Four Wheel Drives are bought by couples with children because they are perceived as a safer alternative to passenger cars. They are also seen as versatile and spacious, providing a more comfortable drive.

Owning a Four Wheel Drive can be a ticket to weekend adventure. It gives families the opportunity to explore and enjoy new parts of Australia. There’s nothing quite like exploring a world-class beach that is only accessible to Four Wheel Drive vehicles.

Another great reason for families to own a Four Wheel Drive is the towing capacity that they offer – if you own a big caravan, boat or trailer, a Four Wheel Drive is a necessity. Most Four Wheel Drives have towing capacities of around 3000 – 4000kg.

However, there are also disadvantages to owning a Four Wheel Drive. Initial purchase price is usually steeper, and fuel consumption is greater. It is simple physics – a Four Wheel Drive runs a bigger engine and has larger fuel requirements. It’s important to look at ways of reducing these costs.

One tyre that’s great for the city Four Wheel Drive driver is the Geolandar HT G056. It was developed specifically for Four Wheel Drive and SUV vehicles that spend limited time off-road and are looking for a quiet, comfortable ride with long tread life. It features a multi-combination tyre compound with patented Yokohama Orange Oil technology to enhance wet traction and provide better fuel efficiency.

The Geolandar SUV HT G055 is a specialised tyre for small Four Wheel Drives and Tall SUVs. This is a low rolling resistance ‘eco tyre’ which lowers fuel use and has a longer life.  Unlike other ‘eco tyres’ that often lack grip on wet roads, its grip is restored by Yokohama’s patented Orange Oil and Silica rubber compound.

Whatever your lifestyle, Yokohama have the perfect tyre to ensure optimum performance.

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