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March 28, 2017 Adventure to the Red Centre Part 2

Having driven 550km over some of the toughest roads in Australia on their Geolandar G015 tyres, from Birdsville to Mt Dare, the group retreated to the Mt Dare Hotel to have a well-earned steak and watch the Footy Finals over a few beers.

Exchanging war stories with fellow Four Wheel Drivers at the bar, they discovered that other drivers had suffered tyre failures on the road from Dalhousie Springs to Mt Dare, which is - in Ned’s words - ‘a truly horrible road’. It was so rough Ned’s Sony Action Cam attached to the side of the Nissan came unstuck and was lost in the brutal bumping. Incidentally - it was handed in two months later at Ipswich police station in Queensland!

Having been told it was only luck that got anybody over the rocks and corrugations of this track without punctures, Team Ned had zero issues, despite travelling at double the speed of the vehicles that had suffered punctures.  They put that down to ‘damn good tyres.’

The last leg of their trip to Uluru saw more bumpy dirt roads, which the Geolandar G015 tyres handled easily after the torrid path to Mt Dare.

The group arrived tired but triumphant, ready for an evening spent in the magical shadow cast by one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. 

Their maiden voyage on the Yokohama Geolandar G015 tyres had been a success. Ned’s overall assessment was glowing:

“I would have to rate these new Yokohama Geolandar G015 AT tyres as the most capable all terrain tyre I have had on any of my previous Four Wheel Drives, which stretches back 20 years.”

“On bitumen they had good handling, really great tyre wear, and had very good grip in both wet and dry conditions. They were simply superb on gravel and dirt. Extremely stable. Never once did it feel like the car wanted to slide, or lose traction, when cornering. They absorbed the corrugations and rocks without issue.”

In the wet and mud, from all the different types of AT tyres I have driven on, I can honestly say they have performed the best.”

If you need a tough tyre that can handle any terrain, look no further than the Yokohama Geolandar AT tyre, designed to handle the toughest conditions in quiet and comfort. Find out more from your local Yokohama dealer today. 

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