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December 14, 2018 3 Top Australian Beaches for 4WDing this Summer


Is that adventure we can smell in the air? Summer is upon us! With it comes the promise of sunshine, beaches and exploration.

One of the greatest things about living in Australia and owning a 4WD are the many opportunities it affords of getting off the beaten track. Enjoy sunset on Cable Beach in Broome, or conquer the sand dunes of Fraser Island!

Wherever you’re based, it’s time to fire up the old engine and up your beach game. We’ve got three top beach picks, as well as some tyre tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

Thomas River, Esperance, WA


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Thomas River, just East of Esperance, Western Australia, just might have it all! Boasting incredible beaches and aquamarine water, there’s great fishing and hiking. Not to mention the social media photography opportunities (if that’s your thang).

It’s accessible by gravel roads and there are two campsites so you can settle in. The main beach is nearly 30km long, meaning there’s plenty to explore!

North Stradbroke QLD


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North Stradbroke island is a famous playground for Queenslanders, as it is only a short ferry ride from Brisbane. You can drive your 4WD straight onto the ferry and drive into paradise only 45 minutes later.

The white beaches on North Straddie can be a little powdery, so most 4WD drivers will reduce their tyre pressure before driving on. This increases the size of the tyre footprint on the sand, resulting in the weight of the vehicle spreading across a larger area. This means the tyres are likely to drive over the top of the sand, rather than getting bogged.

Remember that there are some risks involved in reducing tyre pressure so always consult your vehicle manufacturer’s guide, drive slowly and carefully.

Stockton Beach, NSW


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Stockton Beach near Newcastle is home to vast, soft, hilly sand dunes. The scale is quite something. They can be over a kilometre wide and up to 30 metres high. Who’s game?

You’ll need a tough, technically superior 4WD tyre to feel confident on this sort of terrain.

We recommend either the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 or the Geolandar M/T G003.

The G015 is our popular All Terrain guru, which provides impressive all terrain capability and unbelievable traction. You’ll get durability, long tread life, off road traction, on road handling and a quiet ride.

If you’re a serious off road adventurer, the G003 is designed to conquer some of the wildest terrains. Its reinforced casing delivers a crushing performance and inspires confidence wherever you go.

Ready to go beachcombing? Find your local Yokohama dealer now.

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