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September 30, 2019 Yokohama Presents World Time Attack Challenge Sydney 2019

Yokohama World Time Attack

Yokohama is proud to present the World Time Attack Challenge once again for 2019, taking place from October 18-19. Gather around the Sydney Motorsport Park alongside thousands of your fellow track fans to witness the premier Australian motorsport calendar event of the year. 

The format is simple: the fastest time attack teams from all around the globe are set to unite on a single circuit to face off. But this isn’t really “the ultimate battle against teams”... this is the ultimate battle against the clock, no holds barred. The fastest lap time will bring decisive victory. And by day’s end, those who prove themselves to be the top of their class will stand victorious at the podium.

Every year, Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge attracts some of the world’s top drivers, engineers, and modified vehicles. This is where elite individuals truly test their mettle on the pedal. This year, it’s no different. Expect such heavy-hitting names as:  

  • WTAC legend Tarzan Yamada 

  • Supercar gun Andre Heimgartner

  • 3 x Formula Drift Japan champion Andrew Gray

  • 2 x D1 Japan Ladies League Champion, Miki Takagi

  • And as a world first, Rob ‘Chairslayer’ Parsons will be making an appearance behind the wheel of LYFE GT-R


As an added bonus, each day after the sun goes down, the circuit transforms into Australia’s largest drift event. This is where the world’s top drivers go head to head with some of Australia’s strongest driving talents to showcase a more subtle mastery over one’s vehicle. 

There is, however, more to this event than just floor-it-to-the-ground track racing. In addition to being given the rare opportunity to see some incredible cars in action on the track; spectators (like yourself) will be given the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some incredible cars off the track. An entire host of adrenaline fuelled midday entertainment is slated for the two-day festival, from Australia’s largest outdoor car show, to rubber burning exhibition matches with all the fan favourites taking centre stage. 

There really is something for every motorsports fan. This a complete celebration of racing and car culture. And an auspicious complete celebration of racing and car culture at that, given 2019 marks the ten-year anniversary of Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge’s establishment. 

Since 2008, World Time Attack Challenge has become somewhat of a benchmark in the international racing circuit. The pro drivers that compete are almost a different breed of human. One marked by courage, skill, precision, a lifetime passion -- and tested in their performance time after time. Naturally, this makes Yokohama’s ADVAN tyres a perfect fit for partnering with such an event. Legendary in the world of motorsports and a renowned leader amongst the world’s largest tyre brands, Yokohama ADVAN tyres are all about exceptional performance.

Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge Sydney 2019 will take place from October 18-19 at the Sydney Motorsport Park. Get your tickets here (before they sell out!). Free admission for kids under the age of 12.

See you on the tracks.

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