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December 18, 2019 How Advan Tyres Won 2019!

How Advan Tyres Won 2019!

The end of the year is a time that we all take stock of what we’ve achieved. For Yokohama Advan tyres, reflection is sweet! 2019 has been a year in which they have won big across a number of classes and events. 

Advan is Yokohama’s high performance tyre category, and is a leader among some of the world’s most recognisable tyre brands. It’s perfect for prestige vehicles and sports cars that are looking for outstanding grip and power.

Advan Tyres Excel at World Time Attack in Sydney

Drivers at the 2019 Yokohama World Time Attack (WTAC)  in October set a new record on Advan tyres at Sydney’s Motorsport Park.

Yokohama Advan tyres are the control tyres for all classes at WTAC; a strategy which provides a fair and even playing field for all teams, plus guaranteed grip and control. The principal tyres in use are Advan Neova AD08 and Advan A050.

This year, Barton Mawer, Rod Pobestek and the RP968 crew reset the WTAC lap record and took out the Royal Purple Pro Class. 

The excellent results were a testament to both the skill of the drivers and the quality of the Advan tyres.  

Yokohama dealers also stock tyres that are made to excel from the street to the race track - ADVAN Neova AD08 and ADVAN A048. They are street legal tyres which also perform strongly on track. 

Want to upgrade the experience of your prestige vehicle? Find your local Yokohama dealer today. 

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