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YOKOHAMA's Technical breakthroughs give you the advantage.

Fleets today need more miles, greater retreadability, longer even-wear and less maintenance costs per kilometer from their tyres.

Given the extreme demands of today's transport industry, continuous innovation in tyre technology is essential.

YOKOHAMA's technologies help you get the most out of your tyre investments.

The Zenvironment Concept
Our new Zenvironment concept proves that technology can simultaneously enhance performance while delivering superior fuel economy and durability.

For our industry, this is a revolutionary concept. 
Through advanced tread designs, compounds, casing construction and manufacturing processes, Zenvironment does more than reduce material consumption, waste and pollution. It can reduce your costs significantly.

Introducing YOKOHAMA Technologies
Lower Temperature / Higher Torque Mixing Method
A new compound mixing method has increased the durability of tyres.

The all-new Zenvironment line of tyres for trucks and buses improves fuel economy and provides long-life service.
Technological advancements in tyres can reduce the environmental impact in several ways.

YOKOHAMA has led advances in tyre technologies for improving fuel economy, which reduce emissions and curtail the output of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Our all-new Zenvironment line of truck and bus tyres incorporates further progress in the improvement of fuel economy.