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Environmental Policy

We at Yokohama Tyre Australia (YTA) believe in protecting our environment and preserving earth's resources. We aim to accomplish the efficient and effective use of materials and resources through the concept of Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling.

 - YTA will consider the environmental aspects of all our activities

 - We will establish and improve our Environmental Management System, implementing preventive measures against pollution through continuous improvement

 - We will contribute to the prevention of global warming and preserve our natural resources through energy conservation and reduction in natural resource usage. We aim to reduce waste disposal to zero landfill through improved waste segregation and recycling

 - We will comply with applicable legal requirements, and abide by government and other directives such as - Those issued from time to time by the Yokohama Rubber Company

 - We will provide company-wide environmental information, education and training programmes, as well as align and contribute to the environmental welfare and programmes of the public

 - We aim to improve communications with the community as well as other local government agencies, and work together for the preservation of our environment.


Tyre Stewardship Logo


Yokohama Tyre Australia is proud to be a Member of Tyre Stewardship Australia.

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