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There’s a new all-season tyre that’s been engineered for the hardcore rock-crawlers of today. A poster child for the Yokohama’s patented GEO-SHIELD™ technology, this is a proud addition to the Geolandar series -- and it demands the respect it so rightfully deserves. Introducing the latest iteration of the Geolandar X-MT G005: ruthless performance with ultimate grip. Built with off-road utility for mud terrains and just as comfortable on the city streets.

Here’s what you need to know about the Geolandar X-MT G005.

Off-road performance

The deep side blocks along the shoulders aren’t just for show. They offer the sidewall protection like no other and even boosts vehicular mobility during those tougher terrain crawls. The high void-to-lug ratio of the Geolandar X-MT G005’s tread block design has been optimised for superior crawling performance. As an added bonus, it also serves as a self-cleaning mechanism with the way it propels mud. Essentially, this provides game-changing traction for even the steepest of climbs. Fear no terrain before you, not even the muddiest of them.    


The GEO-SHIELD™ triple-ply construction comprises of a full nylon cover and extra-thick sidewall protection. What this means is the Geolandar X-MT G005 not only deals punishment off the beaten track -- it can also take punishment as well. The most severe off-road terrains don’t stand a chance against the X-MT G005’s level of durability. This will be sure to last the most serious off-roading enthusiasts for a considerable amount of time.    

Long treadlife 

Similar to other tyres in the Geolandar series like the X-AT G016 , the X-MT G005 incorporates an all-new triple polymer compound specifically formulated for wear and off-road traction that’s nothing short of exceptional. Resisting cuts and chips that can otherwise accelerate the lifespan of ordinary tyres, what this means is increased longevity of tread as well as increased security of performance. 

All that… and a quieter ride 

The new block pattern and pitch variation also means a reduced noise. Essentially, this guarantees a quieter and more comfortable experience when you tread on-road terrains. Enjoy a masterful balance between the Geolandar X-MT G005’s dedicated off-road experience which boasts of incredible functionality and the smooth, virtually silent comfort of its on-road experience.

The new Geolandar X-MT G005: “I AM UNDENIABLE TRACTION.”

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