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Jack and Jem left their home city of Adelaide in January 2018, and have been on the road with their dog Ace ever since. We've been following their journey up, down, across and round Australia, as they explore the country far and wide with their trusty Troopy (their 4WD, a 2000 model HZJ78 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier).

Their photos and adventures are out of this world, but they've been helped along the way thanks to Yokohama tyres. So, with that in mind…

It's tyre review time again!

"After having a great experience with our original set of Yokohama tyres, we were in the market to replace them due to general wear and tear, jumping at the opportunity to partner with Yokohama again. Following the excitement, they were able to fit our Troopy with a fresh set of the same tyres, six 285/75/16 Yokohama Geolandar A/T's G015 while travelling through Perth, Western Australia in September of last year.

Since the new set of A/T's G015 were put on, we have driven many kilometres exploring from West OZ to South OZ and then back up to the NT. We have driven on beautiful beaches, coastal bush tracks, through wet rain forests, on top of limestone cliffs, along sharp rocky roads, long straight bitumen sections of the Nullarbor and Stuart Highway and everything in between. Since having the new set of tyres on our travelling home, we have put them to the tests countless times and are still extremely happy with their performance. We can confirm that after many months on and many challenges later we still have had no issues at all.

The Geolandars seem to be the perfect tyre for our set up! The Geolandar A/Ts look tough, while creating little to no road noise, making them still the ideal tyre for our type of travelling. They perform great on the sand keeping our 3.5T Troopy on top of the soft stuff while proving ever so strong on the roughest of roads. Along with amazing off road capabilities, the Geolandar A/Ts are a serious on road performer. They grip the road in all conditions, including wet slippery surfaces, making this tyre the perfect all-rounder. Whether going bush or doing the daily commute, the Yokohama Geolandar A/Ts have us covered.

The last thing you need to be worry about in the middle of the bush is whether the tyres on your car are going to get you home safely. And we have no worries with these tyres. We are currently in the NT for the wet season, so the tyres will have plenty more opportunities to prove themselves.

People find it hard to believe you can drive around Australia and visit the places we have on one set of tyres with no issues at all, not even 1 puncture. The fact is the Yokohama Geolandars are more than capable of managing this task. Not only did the Geolandar tyres get us around the country, they did it with ease."

[Words by Jack & Jem, edited by Yokohama]

Follow their enviable explorations on Instagram: @cyaround_oz

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