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August 22, 2022 Introducing The New ADVAN Range

Introducing the New ADVAN Tyres

Yokohama Tyre Australia is releasing three new ADVAN products into the market in June 2022 and wants to give the industry a sneak peek at what is coming.

Yokohama’s ADVAN range is the ultimate selection of high quality street legal and track day tyres, each pattern has been designed and engineered to cater to the driver’s style/needs and represents Yokohama dedication to high performance.

The new ADVAN tyres will see the replacement of current flagship tyre ADVAN Sport V105 with its successor the ADVAN Sport V107, the ADVAN dB V552, a silent, comfortable tyre that provides the ultimate performance street tyre for your prestige, hybrid or electric vehicle and the latest version of the ADVAN Neova series, The ADVAN Neova AD09.

The ADVAN Sport V107 is Yokohama’s flagship tyre, carrying on the original concept of the ADVAN Sport V105 while bringing it to new heights with superior driving performance. Developed on the demanding conditions of the world famous Nurburgring race circuit, the ADVAN Sport V107 enables steering stability and braking at levels surpassing those of its predecessor without compromising overall balance in performance and ride comfort. Not only does this tyre excel in performance, but it also provides drivers with a premium touch, featuring a stylish tread and sidewall design suited for the world’s premier performance cars such as Mercedes AMG and BMW M range of cars.

The ADVAN dB V552 was designed with the automotive industry’s movement towards electric and hybrid vehicles in mind. Yokohama wanted to develop a tyre with high performance characteristics while excelling in providing premium comfort, low cabin noise and maximum fuel efficiency. Utilising an innovative silent base-compound and small block tread pattern the ADVAN dB V552 accomplishes this task, providing drivers with unparalleled silence and comfortable performance.

The ADVAN Neova AD09 represents the pinnacle of circuit and street usability, offering outstanding performance on tracks, winding roads and every day streets while showcasing a stylish design suited for customised sports cars. The all new asymmetrical tread pattern allows for exceptional performance in all conditions, making it the perfect tyre for your premium or modified car.

Yokohama is excited about the release of these new products in June 2022 to the Australian market and believes that these new additions will provide those seeking the best in performance/luxury an opportunity to pair the right set of tyres to suit the driver’s everyday street or track-day driving habits.

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