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September 4, 2018 Yokohama A050 Motorsport Tyre

Yokohama Motorsport

Yokohama A050 Motorsport Tyre Application

Set-up guidelines for the application of the Yokohama A050 Motorsport tyre.   

•  Always ensure your tyre and wheel combination, are correct and fit for purpose.  

Tyre Pressure operating range: 29 ~ 31 PSI (200 ~ 215 kPa) hot.

•  Yokohama recommends to start with a cold starting pressure around 75% of ideal hot operating pressures. After several “installation laps,” set your hot pressures immediately after pitting, whilst tyres •  The best method to generate heat ‘into a race tyre’ is to accelerate hard & brake hard (without wheel-spinning or locking up the brakes). Remember, both tread surface temperature and inner core temperature are critical for a tyre to operate at its best and deliver the performance required.      
•  Be wary of temperature rises and falls during the day, and monitor both ambient and track temperatures changes, as these may also require tyre pressure adjustments to accommodate. 
•  Ensure you check your tyre pressure gauge at the start of each season for accuracy.

Note: In extreme applications (very high lateral cornering force circuits & high horsepower cars), the pressures indicated may need to be higher than we recommend. In general this is not ideal, & can cause other issues like excessive wear, potential blistering etc. If you are at all in doubt in this area, please contact your Yokohama Motorsport Dealer for further assistance. 
Tyre Footprint Temperature operating range:      Temp:  65° ~ 100° Celsius.  Range:  +/- 10% 
  Check your tyre temperatures immediately after entering Pit lane. 
  The ideal temperature settings will maximise grip and performance of the tyre. 
  Only ever use a probe pyrometer for core temperature testing of the tyre. 
  Always check the loaded side of the car first. 
  You are seeking an ideal window of +/- 10% temperature range across the face of a tyre.
  Any major variances will indicate what changes are required to the current settings of your car. 
  Measure in the 3 points as indicated below. 


For further advice or general enquiries please contact your local Yokohama Motorsport Dealer

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