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September 4, 2018 Yokohama Motorsport

About Yokohama ADVAN Motorsport Tyres

ADVAN tyres are Yokohama's best high performance tyres. There are ADVAN motorsport tyres and ADVAN road tyres for powerful and prestige cars.

ADVAN race tyres such as A050 and A048 R-spec (semi-slicks) and A035 rally tyres are only available from Yokohama Motorsport Dealers

The prestigious ADVAN brand has been around since 1979 when Yokohama sponsored the "Japan Race Of Champions" and introduced the A001, Japan's first high performance radial tyre. Since then all Yokohama's race tyres have carried the ADVAN logo. That includes slick tyres, rally tyres and the semi-slick R-spce tyres which are the most popular in Australia.

In Australia, ADVAN is much more than just a tyre sub-brand. It's a fun car culture brand for car enthusiasts. Naturally, it has strong ties with the Japanese car tuning scene. However, the heart of the ADVAN brand belongs in an event we helped create called the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge




Yokohama Racing Categories

Yokohama is one of the most well known tyre brands in Australia's motorsport community. Yokohama ADVAN tyres are by far the most popular tyres for club level motorsport and national series.

The racing categories which use Yokohama tyres include:

– World Time Attack Challenge
– Improved Production Racing Australia
– Formula Ford Racing
– Formula Vee
– Porsche 944 Challenge VIC
– BMW E30 Championship VIC
– SuperUtes
– AMR V8 Ute Racing




Yokohama Motorsport Dealers

Motorsport tyres require expertise. The tyre size, compound and tyre pressure you use can make a big difference to the performance of your car. As such they're sold exclusively through one Yokohama ADVAN Motorsports tyre dealer in each state. Yokohama motorsport dealers can advise competitors on how to set up their car and tyres for the best performance.

Click here for your local Yokohama Motorsport Dealer



Motorsport Tyre User Information

Yokohama ADVAN Motorsports tyres are manufactured solely for competition. Although some of the models can be used on public roads, the tyres are produced with specially designed patterns and compounds, and they are not suitable for public road use. Yokohama recommends using Yokohama ADVAN motorsports tyres only for the intended uses for each pattern, and please remember such tyres are made for competition and therefore carry no warranty.

Keep your tyres away from direct sunlight and locations with high temperature, high moisture, heavy electrical machinery, welders etc. Tyres should be preferably be stored in a cool, dry and dark room with a controlled environment.

Motorsports tyres require special care when being mounted, as the bead must seat perfectly onto the rim without causing any damage. Wheels should be high quality and checked for damage or rust before mounting as such items may result in a poor fit that is not airtight. In order to assure that there is no damage to the bead area, you should always have your tyre mounted by a Yokohama Motorsport Dealer that knows how to handle tyres made for competition. You should always use a mounting machine when changing a tyre to prevent unnecessary damage to the tyre or wheels. You should always use a safety cage when inflating tyres. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Do not inflate to more than 40 psi (275 kPa).

You should never over-inflate or under-inflate a tyre as this may cause severe damage to the tyres and/or rims when accelerating, braking or cornering. Never use tyres with under 19psi (130 kPa). Remember that the proper pressure depends on the type of race, road surface conditions and driver's needs.


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