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Tyres 101

Proper Inflation

Your Yokohamas are designed to drive you into the future. But if they are overinflated or underinflated, they could wear down more quickly. Check your pressure once a fortnight when the tyre is cold and set it to the manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure (see placard inside of driver side car door or your owner’s manual).

Proper inflation doesn’t just protect your Yokohamas from wear, it also helps you get better mileage. If they’re underinflated, your vehicle uses more fuel.

The Tyre Placard

It's important to have the right tyres fitted to your vehicle for safety reasons as well as from both a legal and insurance perspective.

WRX Placard

This is the tyre placard from a Subaru Impreza. 

It shows 3 different the 3 different tyre sizes available across the range. The 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX which has this placard is fitted with tyre option B with a 225/45R17 tyre size and a 91 load rating with a W speed rating.

The placard says that if the car is loaded with 3 people and a small amount of baggage or cargo the front tyres should be inflated to 230 kPa (That's about 33 psi). The rear tyres should be inflaed to 220 kPa (That's about 32 psi).

If the Subaru Impreza was loaded with 5 adults and full of luggage it would need more tyre pressure to carry the additional weight. So the recommended tyre pressure for the rear would increase from 220 kPa to 230 kPa.

If the Subaru was towing a trailer the rear tyre pressure would be increased to 250 kPa (That's about 36 psi).

Subaru Impreza Tyres placard located in the door jam


The Subaru Impreza has its tyre placard in the driver's door jam.

barina placard

A Holden Barina has its tyre placard on the glovebox door.

Since January 1973, new vehicles have been required by law to have a tyre placard affixed to the car, usually on the driver's door pillar or inside the fuel filler cap.

This placard will tell you the factory fitted tyre sizes and recommended tyre inflation pressures for the vehicle. You should locate the placard on your vehicle and become familiar with this important information.